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“OH. MY. GOODNESS. Fresh Grounded Faith was so much more than a conference. FGF was a gift to us and our local churches.”

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“I have attended many conferences and I have to say, this was by far the most incredible, most heart-touching and life-changing event I have ever experienced.  My heart was touched and I am feeling that there is hope for me when I had long given up hope. I am so incredibly thankful for the things that were shared because I think this may be a turning point for me.  My life has been filled with rejection, pain, abuse, destruction, emptiness and loneliness.  I have assumed this meant that God didn’t love me.  That I was nothing.  That I was worthless.  I’m re-evaluating because of this ministry.  Thank you!  From the depth of my heart, thank you for letting me see God through all of you!  Thank you for touching an invisible person like me.”  -Robin

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