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  • Karen_Rucker_110x141The Devoted Hearts women's conference is held annually in Rochester, MN. We are women from several area churches who are kingdom minded and have as our primary mission to bring the good news of Jesus to the women of our area. When we worked with Jennifer and her team, we found they held the same mission. Working with Theresa taught me many things related to hosting a conference. I have been able to apply these lessons to other conferences we have organized. Her organizational skills and attention to detail allowed the weekend to take place without the stress and anxiety that conference leaders sometimes experience.
    Karen Rucker - Devoted Hearts Women's Conference, Rochester, MN
  • Corri_Brooks_110x132I can't say enough about the conference itself! From beginning to end it is a class act. Once Theresa rolls into town the conference just rolls along and she makes sure all of the details fall into place. It is a beautiful expression of how the body of Christ should work- each person using their giftedness to pull off something together that they couldn't do alone. Theresa, Jennifer, and Phil are delightful to work with. Their hearts are huge for the lost and their graciousness to the volunteers and hosting church are a refreshing blessing. I feel empowered to do other kingdom work through the experience and knowledge gained while executing this conference.
    Corri Brooks - Crossroads Christian Church, Newburgh, IN
  • Judy_TripiAfter several years of hosting women's events within our church, we felt God leading us to reach out beyond our local community, but did not know where to begin. From the moment we learned about FGF, and spoke with Theresa, I knew they had the vision and experience to enable us to expand our ministry. One of the biggest blessings of our relationship with FGF was the ability to partner with other churches in our region, who shared the common bonds of loving God, studying His Word, and being inspired by the Spirit filled teaching of Jennifer Rothschild.
    Judy Tripi - Anastasia Baptist Church, St. Augustine, FL
  • Dana_Robb_110x141Bringing FGF to our region was one of the best kingdom focused events that our church had ever been a part of. Being able to work together with other churches was not only a great way to make new friends, but was a great reminder that our ministry should always be working together with other churches to build HIS Kingdom. The FGF Conference and the months planning up to it will be life changing and an experience you will never forget. I'm sure, like myself, you are considering this as an outreach in your area. Make no mistake, YOUR life will be challenged and changed in many ways....guaranteed!!!!
    Dana Robb - McCarthy Baptist Church, St. Joseph, MO
  • What a wonderful weekend I had with all of the great women in this conference. This was my 1st conference I have attended by myself. I was blessed beyond measure. I teach a ladies bible class on Sunday mornings and they all agreed we have to go together next year. Our pastor opened up our church service last Sunday evening for testimonies and believe it or not I got up and talked about the conference and urged all women to get a sister if they didn't have one. I was walking in Wal-Mart and I heard a lady say Hi sister, that just gave me such great joy for her to address me that way. Keep on working for the Lord until He calls us home.
    Thanks for being honest and bold for our Father.
  • Thanks, Jennifer, Stormie, and Michael for a weekend that inspired our church's women to examine how God wants us to minister to one another, our church family, and our community. Our first meeting was Monday night, and the Lord is already leading us in new directions!
    We're PUMPED (and it's not just caffeine)
  • The conference was genuinely the best women's conference I have been to, and I have attended many through the years. Everything about it was great! The topics, the speakers, the music, and of particular importance the time frame. It was set up perfectly where we didn't get overly tired, but remained fresh and invigorated throughout. It is most wise to not have a Saturday afternoon session. I could go on and on about the Blessing it was to me. I will be recommending Jennifer's conferences to all women I know.
    Thank you and God Bless you!
  • I felt rejuvenated and renewed. It made me to remember to remind myself daily that God is so much bigger and better than anything that gets in my way. Thank you all for the blessing I received and continue to receive through the books I got and am studying. May God continue to bless your works!
    Rejuvenated and Renewed
  • Thank you so much for an amazing confrence! We were able to see God at work before we even arrived and He was sure present with us during the confrence as well. I'm thankful for the reminder that I CAN...I WILL...I AM!!!! I also really enjoyed the reminder that we must conquer our lions no matter how big or small but the only way I can do this is with and through the strength of Jesus Christ!!! Thank you again and my God continue to work in and through each and everyone of you wonderful ladies!!!!
    With much love - A SOUL SISTER!!!
  • I attended the Fresh Grounded Faith at Coggin Avenue and left with a renewed love for my Lord. I've shared the Gutsy-Girl scriptures with 5 or 6 friends. Jennifer, God has truly gifted you with an amazing witness & power as you share your faith with so many. Thank you...and Michael & Stormie...for an inspirational and 'fun' day.
    Molly, Coggin Ave BC

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